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Why Learning & Growing?

We know there are many challenges to providing support to center staff and want to help educators find success in their practice.  Even with all the challenges, its still important to improve educator practice and knowledge.  We are a community of learners and value opportunities to learn. 

Our consultants are flexible, knowledgeable, and adult-learner focused - with decades of experience and knowledge of best practices, current rules and policies, and tools for evaluating, mentoring, and training adults.  

What we offer:
New center set-up/Administrator Support              Environmental Rating Scale preparation

     * Room Arrangement

     * Materials check

     * Mock observations (ITERS, ECERS, SACERS)

CLASS Observations (Infants, Toddlers, Pre-K)
Staff Training on a variety of topics
Mentoring/in-class assistance

     * Interactions

     * Classroom Management 

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