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 "I have had the pleasure of working with Shawna as she offered consulting to my center throughout the Environmental Rating Scale process.

 Shawna was always forthcoming with pertinent information that our program would benefit from knowing. Upon establishment of our partnership, she quickly built trusting relationships with my teaching teams which allowed her to model appropriate interactions within the classroom and ensure that they were well versed in the assessment process for ITERS and ECERS.

 She was instrumental in the re-arrangement of classrooms, identification of materials that were necessary within each classroom and re-structuring of classroom schedules.

Her involvement prepared my center to successfully go through and earn a 5-star license.

 After obtaining our 5-star license, Shawna continued to provide our administrative and teaching teams with resources that she knew our program would benefit from.

 It is evident that Shawna's passion translates in her work and diligence in supporting other professionals in early childhood."

                                                -- Leslie, Director (Durham County)

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